Our background in hunting has taught us precision, patience, and respect for our fellow hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

As a hunter knows and respects wildlife and the game they hunt, we know and respect your right and duty to arm yourself with quality ammunition.

Our goal is to provide ammunition that you can rely on and access at your convenience . Our commitment and responsibility runs deep because of our 15 plus years of experience in hunting. 

We provide quality ammunition from trusted manufacturers who can stand behind their product and are respected in the industry. It’s that simple.

We are a warrior and champion for quality ammunition.

Contact us for any of your needs or questions.

Customer Reviews

Armory Farm

Customer Reviews

Steve C. 05/21/21

I received my order and tried both the 115g and 124g. Both worked nicely. My wife is very happy. I will order again.

Peter 04/21/21

There was an issue with a package that I ordered. The issue may have been on the sellers side or (more likely) on the shipper. Either way, the company went out of their way to investigate the issue and make it right.

Alfredo Lavieri 04/14/21


Chris 04/26/21

I had high hopes of working with these guys and I am hoping that in time we can, but the pricing has been a little all over the place since I placed my first two orders. I wanted to place an order for the same quantity that I just bought after seeing how fast it could sell, but they told me that I couldn't buy at that price again. The product is really good and sells really well. Their packaging is impressive as well as the case packs.

Bryan Broderick 04/26/21

Shipping was prompt. Needed to palletize the boxes better. Bands broke in shipment but boxes held together.

Thomas 05/05/21

There was a shipping issue with UPS that delayed my order significantly. I called to inquire about my shipment and the customer service person went directly to work to solve the problem. It took a few days to work out but armory farm worked with UPS and corresponded with me about the situation. The responded to every phone call and email that I sent. Thank you for being diligent and solving the issue.

SHH 05/05/21

Excellent service and prompt delivery of ammo