‘How Old You Have To Be To Buy Handgun Ammo?’ It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Buying and selling a handgun ammo is a very sensitive issue that needs careful consideration. Before asking how old you have to be to buy ammo?, you must consider the age.

As the rate of gun purchases, especially among youth, is increasing in all states, people keep searching about the age limit and they all want to know if they are old enough to buy handgun ammo on the internet. Therefore, how old do you have to be to buy a handgun ammo? has become the main topic on internet searches.

According to Federal law you have to be 18 years old to buy ammo for rifles or shotguns and 21 for handguns.

The fact is there’s no law that requires stores to verify the buyer’s age. Ironically while even some pet shops won’t sell fish, frogs and gerbils to those under the age of 18, some gun shops secretly sell handguns and ammunition under the age of 18.

If you are confused about how old you have to be to buy a handgun ammo? then you can take a look at our article.


The age does matter. You must be of legal age to purchase ammo and firearms. You must be 18 for rifle and rifle ammunition and 21 for pistol and pistol ammunition. If you are older than 18 you can go to a gun store and buy handgun ammo. However, there are some states that allow persons under age of 21 to buy pistol ammo like Arizona, Arkansas and Texas.

If you purchase the handgun ammo from an unlicensed gun shop or someone you know, the age limit drops to 18. Under federal law, the minimum age to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer is 21. Also gun dealers have a right to not sell or deliver a handgun or ammunition for a handgun to any person the dealer has reasonable cause to believe is under age 21. Although these rules are not taken seriously in some states, dealers face serious sanctions and even cause their businesses to close.

Possessing a handgun under the age 18 is prohibited by the Federal law but there’s no minimum age to possess a long gun or long gun ammunition.


According to the ”Gun Control Act” (GCA), shotguns and handguns may only be sold to persons 18 years of age or older.

Also, according to data from the Giffords Law Center, Hawaii and Illinois have raised the minimum age of long gun sales from 18 to 21. If it is not a pistol, you can own and buy a handgun at 18 in the USA. Some states do permit the possession of a handgun by an 18 year old.

Although the age limit differs from state to state throughout the country, states such as Texas and Arizona are more flexible in this regard. Some of the gun dealers are more than willing to sell you firearms and ammunition to anyone under 21 but this is a mistake that can have real serious criminal consequences.

The Reason Behind the Age Restrictions

The main reason for all these minimum age restrictions is to protect young people and the people around them from the dangers that may arise from firearm accidents.

Buying and possessing a gun is a serious responsibility. So it’s not about how old you have to be to buy a handgun ammo, it’s whether you’re ready for it.

Unfortunately, the history of the country has experienced serious problems due to the irresponsible use of weapons by some gun owners. Unconscious people’s possession of a gun poses serious dangers both for themselves and for those around them. For this reason, these rules have been drawn with a thick line by the government.

In addition to the age requirements, you can’t buy a gun if you’ve been banned from possessing a gun before. Also a banned person may not touch ammunition or ammunition components. . In a nutshell, in order to possess a firearm, you must not have been penalized before.

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