Before explaining the measurement method, there is an important fact that we need to know. First we need to know the phenomenon and relationship between the barrel length and velocity of the fired bullet. To get this straight will allow us to find an answer to ‘How To measure barrel length? For higher velocity, you need to consider all these factors.

So How To Measure Barrel Length?

Below we have supplied some of the best methods for gun enthusiasts to measure the barrel’s length. By following these steps, you can easily measure your barrel length. If you want to find out ‘How to measure barrel length?’ please carry on reading our content.

Measuring The Barrel Length Of A Revolver

Safety comes first, so before measuring the barrel length, point the muzzle of your pistol in a safer direction. You can follow the instructions given below.

First of all, unload the revolver by swinging the revolver’s cylindrical part to the outside and removing the bullets. Check the cylindrical portion well to make sure no bullet is remaining inside it.

In the second step, you need to slide a long rod that is lesser in diameter as compared to that of the barrel inside the mussels.  

Once the rod gets inside to its maximum length, Mark that point of the rod near the barrel’s tip with a marker.

You need to measure from the feed ramps of the barrel to the tip.

Take the rod outside and measure the rod’s length, which indicates the length of the revolver’s barrel. 

Measuring The Barrel Length Of A Rifle

Rifle barrel length is usually almost 30 inches but sometimes, it can differ from 20 inches to 26 inches. Before getting started, you need to know how to unload the gun properly. Actually, it’s monkey business. You can do it by moving the rifle’s bolt handle toward the opposite direction of the barrel. 

Rifles like AR15, the rod need to go all the way in the barrel until the rod is touching the BCG (Bolt Carrier Group)  giving you the true, legal length of your barrel, Barrel lengths also run from 7.5 inch to 30 inch.

You need to be extremely careful and you need to be focused. Otherwise it may cause blowing. If you want to eject the bullets, you can use your hands.

The steps are really simple. Let’s get right to it!

Grab a rod and insert it into the barrel of the rifle. Make sure that the diameter of the rod is slightly smaller than the diameter of the barrel.

Now you need to mark the rod’s area, which touches the last tip of the rifle’s barrel. 

The final step is to pull the rod out and measure the length between the marked ends on the rod with a measuring tool

Congrats, now you know how to measure barrel length!

What’s The Importance Of Using A Long Barrel

Accuracy and velocity of the bullet are the main things which most of the hunters expect to see in their guns. The fact is that long-barreled guns are more accurate and faster than fired shots. The time required for the powder to burn is too much for the bullet to be pushed at high speed.

Barrels of short-barreled guns have the feature of cooling quickly. Also, if the silencer is not used, the gun will make a loud noise if it has a short barrel.

As you can see, this is an extremely easy process. However, being extremely careful during measuring the barrel length will protect both you and those around you from accidents

However, if you have never measured the barrel length before, it would be more logical to seek help from a professional at the first stage. We hope you enjoyed our content. 

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