How to reload handgun ammo? This is one of the most challenging questions to explain smoothly for amateur shooters. Actually, learning how to reload handgun ammo for beginners is a truly exciting starting point and also a bit challenging. Reloading handgun ammo might seem a little bit challenging but it’s not that terrible as it seems. The good news is that reloading handgun ammunition is easier and cheaper than reloading rifle ammo. 

Actually the main steps are pretty easy. Most gun enthusiasts can do this on their own by watching tutorials online. We want to make it easy for you by writing the whole process step by step to make it easier for you. You can easily load your ammo by following the instructions below. Let’s get started! The main steps are easy:

Really Want to Know How to Reload Handgun Ammo?

Here Are the Basic 6 Steps;

If you follow the 6 basic steps we’ve supplied for you, it’s gonna be monkey business. Don’t worry, you don’t need to ask how to reload handgun ammo? desperately. Let’s get back to business!

If the equipment is ready, let’s get started. The nice thing about reloading a handgun caliber is that it’s much simpler and cheaper than reloading the shotgun. First you’re going to need the cartridges because they tend to get dirty or gather dust not only from hitting the ground but from burnt powder residue. The process is easy as hell. Dump the dirty cases in the bowl filled with crushed walnut shells and cover it up for a while. Then brush off the dirt with a clean brush for a while. After the cleaning process, you will see that it is brand as new.  

Now it’s time for a reloading press to mash things together. The resizing die also has a pin that pokes out the old primer. Force the case into a resizing die, then you will see the walls of the die press the case exterior back into position. You should gently press a new primer into the primer pocket.

Insert a new primer into the case carefully. Raise the handle to its highest position and place a new primer into the cup of the primer arm. Insert a case into the shell holder. Push the primer arm into the ram slot and lower the case onto the primer

Just gently open the mouth of the case just enough to allow you to begin the process of inserting a new bullet. Try to expand the case mouth to allow the base of the new bullet to fit into the case. Make sure there is not too much or too little pressure. Carefully insert the new bullets ( the seating step ).

Crimp the case around the new bullet . The crimping process is an entire topic all on its own and must be taken care of carefully. Crimping helps remove the expansion of the case mouth.

All you need is a reloading press in the process.If you are not a rookie anymore you can upgrade your reloading press and you can perform multiple operations at a time. Also you can reload a lot more ammunition a lot faster.

Before getting starting you’ll need a set of reloading dies for each caliber you want to reload. You can grab a three-die set from the nearest gun shop in town.

The last step is going to be placing the cartridges in a storage container. Place each fresh cartridge in a storage container, don’t forget to check overall length to make sure that’s correct.