When it comes to shotguns, this question is absolutely a standout; ‘What choke to use for buckshot?’ If you are a hunter aiming at fast, swift targets, then this article might be useful for you. Carry on reading!

So What Choke to Use for Buckshot?

What choke to use for buckshot? Actually, the answer to that question depends on your shooting style and the type of buckshot you are using. To be more precise, some people can prefer using a full choke, while others think that using a modified choke is the best option. You might ask, which one is right?

Let’s discuss the features of full and modified chokes when shooting buckshot, and help you decide which one is right for you!

Modified Choke: A modified choke is not as constricting as a full choke.That’s for sure! Even though it can still provide some added accuracy and velocity to the shot. That’s why it might be the best option for amateur shooters. Also this beast is less likely to cause flyers.

Here comes the other good news! One of the biggest advantages of a modified choke type is the less recoil rate which is great for amateur shooters. Every hunter seeks for better accuracy and speed at long distances. So a full choke is the right choice!

But if you are new to shotgun shooting and recoil rate is giving you a hard time, then we say just stick with modified choke. All you need to do is to practice from time to time so you can become proficient in using it. In the end it doesn’t matter which choke you use.

What Choke Works Well With Buckshot?

Since there is no definitive answer to this, we can say it depends on the choke, the size of the buckshot pellets and gun you are using for hunting.

Also, a wide open choke such as a cylinder will absolutely produce the best results with buckshot. But if you’re using a tighter choke, such as the improved cylinder, you’ll need to adjust the aiming setting so that the bullets are more spread out after exiting the muzzle.

Shoot with different chokes and pellet sizes to find what works best for you. However, always be careful when handling firearms to avoid causing serious accidents.

Since buck shot BBs are larger than 7 or 8 shot , you might want to avoid from using a full choke. This is because the buck shot could get stuck in the choke. With the buck shot going down the barrel at about 850 FPS, if the buck shot is larger than the diameter of the full choke, you could blow the choke out of the end of the shotgun.

Can You Shoot Buckshot Through a Full Choke?

Absolutely you can shoot buckshot through a full choke. But do not expect the pattern to be tight if you are using a modified or improved cylinder choke. If you want to nail it, just be sure to use bullets designed for this type of shooting.

What Choke Should You Use for a 12 Gauge Buckshot?

There are some alternative choke tubes you can use for the shot. Generally, you will want to use a modified or full choke.

However if you’re shooting at longer distances, switching to turkey choke would be much better. Every shotgun has different features, so it’s important to find out which choke works best with your firearm. All you gotta do is to make sure to pattern your shotgun with various chokes right before heading out for the hunt!

You might consider using a modified choke that will work well with swift and small targets such as buckshot and birdshot. This way it will provide good patterns at most distances.

But if you are planning to be shooting buckshot, we recommend you to stick with a full choke. The choice is yours!

‘What Choke to Use for Buckshot?’has been a standout question recently. Hope we have been explanatory. Thank you for reading.