How long does handgun ammo last? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by gun owners. The most accurate answer is it depends on how you store it . Ammunition’s shelf life is predicated on the conditions under which it is stored.


The fact is that only storage conditions can determine the shelf life of ammunition. The shelf life of modern ammo can vary from 10 years to 20 years. There are several important facts that determine the overall shelf life. These factors completely vary according to storage conditions and storage environment.

Can Ammo Last 20 Years?

If it’s well stored the answer is yes. The cartridges should be stored in a dry, cool place with low humidity, preferably in an airtight container. They can have an unbelievably long shelf life and look just like the original even years later. Many ballistics experts state that they use even 50-year-old ammunition without any problems.

Does Ammo Go Bad with Age?

The answer is no. Ammunition has no “expiration time”, but gunpowder wears off over time. The risk in shooting with old ammunition is not not firing, but not actually firing and not having enough momentum to push the barrel out.


The basic rules to follow to make your ammunition long-lasting are simple. One of the most basic rules is to store them in a cool, dark and dry place, just like Cuban cigars.

It’s very critical to pay attention to ammunition storage. Ammo isn’t cheap. Well- organized and proper storage can remarkably extend the shelf life of your ammunition.

There are some storage methods to consider when storing your ammo. These are materials that really need huge attention.

We are perfectly sure that the last thing you want to do is create a surplus of your favorite rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo only to find it green and corroded in after using. This can be hellish for shooters since it affects the range of shooting. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. Ever since you have been asking yourself How long does handgun ammo Last? Our answer will always be the storage conditions.

Improper storage of ammo is guaranteed to bring you heartache and set you back a large amount of money as you’re forced to replenish the “spoiled” loads. No good for experienced shooters.

Actually, with the right storage boxes and a well-oxygenated room, your ammo stock can last longer than you think. You should always keep it in mind that there are some critical factors that affect ammo shelf life.

Manufacturers claim ammo will last up to 10 years with good care. But as for us, by having the right tools and basic knowledge, your rounds can last longer than you think. With the right conditions, your ammo can last 30+ years.

But if not stored properly, your ammo can rust and absorb moisture, rendering it useless in less than a year. ‘How Long Does Handgun Ammo Last?’ Here we’ve supplied some tips!

Here are the most effective ways to keep your ammo in best condition:

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