How Long Does Handgun Ammo Last?

How Long Does Handgun Ammo Last?

Gun owners often ask when they buy ammo, “How long does handgun ammunition last?” The answer is that it depends on how it is stored, and ammunition’s shelf life is determined by how it is stored. Modern ammunition’s shelf life can be between 10 and 20 years, depending on several factors, including the storage environment and storage conditions.

Can Ammo Last 20 Years?

If it’s well stored, the answer is yes. Cartridges should be stored in a dry, cool, and dry environment, preferably in an airtight container, for a long time. Many ballistics experts claim they can use even 50-year-old ammunition without any problems, even after a long shelf life, and look like the original even years later.

Does Ammo Go Bad with Age?

Ammunition has no expiration date, but gunpowder does. If you shoot old bullets, they may not fire and may not have enough momentum. When this happens, the projectile will not be able to travel fast enough to hit your target. It is also essential to check the weapon’s safety before using old ammunition, as some parts may have rusted or broken down over time. If you plan on shooting old ammo, inspect each round before loading it into your gun.

Tips On How To Extend Shelf Life

If you want to purchase ammo and ensure the ammo lasts as long as possible, store it in a cool, dark, and dry place, just like you would with fine Cuban cigars. Due to ammunition’s high cost, it’s essential to pay attention to ammo storage. Proper storage can significantly extend ammunition’s shelf life. To protect ammunition from damage, you should consider these storage options. The last thing you want is to have a surplus of your favorite shotgun, pistol, or rifle ammo only to find it corroded and green after use. Those who shoot may have concerns about this because it may affect the range on which they can shoot, but there is no need to be concerned. Ever since you have asked yourself, How long does handgun ammo Last? Our answer will always be the storage conditions. Improper ammo storage is guaranteed to bring you frustration and save you significant money as you will have to replenish the “spoiled” loads. With the right storage boxes and a well-oxygenated room, your ammo stock can last longer than you think. You should always remember that some critical factors affect the ammo shelf life. Manufacturers claim ammo will last up to 10 years with good care. But as for us, by having the right tools and basic knowledge, your rounds can last longer than you think. With the right conditions, your ammo can last 30+ years. But if not stored correctly, your ammo can rust and absorb moisture, rendering it useless in less than a year. ‘How Long Does Handgun Ammo Last?’ Here are the most effective ways to keep your ammo in the best condition:
  • Do not expose your ammo to the air when not in use.
  • Ensure that your bullets are dry.
  • Organize your bullets carefully when storing them.
  • Store your bullets in Ammo cans and vacuum your ammunition.
  • Do not move your storage box too much, and prevent it from vibrating.
  • Keep humidity low
  • Storage temperature
  • Daily basic care
  • Use room dehumidifier tools to reduce humidity which ruins ammo
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